Tuesday, 24 January 2012

winterlicious time

the snow is just beginning to fall, yet those in the city are eagerly awaiting winterlicious.  
the wintertime event gives torontonians the opportunity to explore 175 of toronto's top restaurants as they serve delicious, three-course, prix-fixe menus.
i have been exploring the menus for weeks trying to determine my faves.  so far on my personal list: toula and cantine.
check out the winterlicious restaurant list
it runs for two weeks  from january 27-february 9.
please write your top picks in the comment section below**. 
i am planning on reviewing the restaurants and am open to suggestions!
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  1. going to cantine on friday, and freds not here on tuesday. will give you some constructive need back then. unfortunately, my pictures will not be as good as your beauties.