Monday, 2 January 2012

snowless in the city...but not up north.

happy new year! i have lots of photos to update you with....but will start with a snow adventure (since we have been snowless in the city). so we went to deerhurst resort (in hunstville) for the weekend. it being new year's eve and all, we thought it would be nice to get out of the city.
although there has been almost NO snow in toronto, hunstville was quite another story! it was beautiful. i love ice-covered trees and animal printed snow.

2012 resolution: get out of my comfort zone. 

here are some shots of our snowshoeing adventures in the backwoods of deerhurst.

while beautiful, the trails
were mostly unmarked and
this map was useless.
our rented snowshoes...
without these i would have
spent the majority of the
hike on my bum.

yay, a trail! we were getting worried we would be stuck in the woods!
just a few shots of our little adventure...more to come over the next few days while i upload pics from my new dslr.
happy new year!

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