Friday, 11 January 2013

lady of brunch

during the last few days of our two-week vacation, NA (of 'where the locals go') and i finally carved out some time to hit up the queen east hotspot, lady marmalade. 
although it was a dreary january day, the air was light and cheery inside the bustling restaurant.
lady marmalade, while itty bitty in size, offers a wide range of unique dishes, catering to the ever-changing leslieville crowd. from hipsters and hippies to families and yuppies, lady marmalade had everybody smiling (once they were seated).
tip: be sure to get there about an hour before you want to eat. this place is busy everyday of the week. even on a thursday morning, we waited close to an hour.
recommendation? yes.
warm coffee on a snowy day
we both ordered the eggs benny..
it was a tough call between the good morning poutine, but in the end,
NA ordered the “cochinita pibil” yucatecan pulled pork & citrus marinated red onions
i ordered the roasted vegetables & aged white cheddar
i could have done without the (overdressed) salad
what's brunch without a side of bacon
until next time!

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