Monday, 20 February 2012

some of my favourite things

while i usually photograph and write about natural 'beauty in the world', today i would like to pay tribute to a few of my fave beauty enhancing products. 
nails and face.......

essie nail polish is, simply put, the best. they have an amazing array of en vogue colours, perfect for all occasions. personally, i am a huge fan of power clutch.

power clutch. never leave home without it. 
if only they made shellac in this colour!

next up on the must-haves list....MAC blush. i have been faithful to MAC for years now, since i first recognized what a difference some rouge can make on a dreary day.
i must say, it is all about DOLLYMIX.
this bright pink blend can make you look fresh and cheery all winter long.

i always have an extra hanging around, just in case.

buy it!

thanks for stopping by today. if you enjoyed these products, let me know. i am always happy to share some more beauty secrets!

noticing improved photo quality? i have been using my new canon rebel t3 more frequently...and i love it!
until next time, open your eyes to beauty!

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