Saturday, 18 February 2012

love day

a little bit late, but i am back!
it was a fun valentine's season. lots of fun art projects and excitement about chocolate and cards!
hope yours was full of the same!

tissue paper hearts. brought to you by the primary class.
in case anybody forgot...

thanks kiddies! (they must have received the "your teacher loves chocolate" memo!)

i love when starbucks gets into the spirit of things!

a romantic, love-themed dinner!
hope you all had a happy day!

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  1. Hey's Jessica from way back in the days of teacher's college. I just found your blog through Facebook and I LOVE IT! The idea of finding beauty in the everyday is amazing and your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I've just started this whole blogging thing but I am definitely going to add your blog to my lovely reads section ( crafty ) Great job!