Monday, 15 July 2013

el rincon mexicano

with new mexican joints popping up all over the city, it should be easy to get a last-minute reso at one of the many establishments, but not so. after many phone calls to various places, we were finally able to find an available table at el rincon mexicano restaurant (653 st clair west).  while the decor was overdone and a little cheesy, the food was delicious. it was one of the first summer evenings of the year, and we opted to be seated on the back patio. feeling reminiscent of a caribbean resort, it was a fun atmosphere.

we started with the guacamole ranchero
their mashed avocado dip served with chips and salsa
this was really delicious and a perfect way to start the meal

can't go wrong with ice-cold corona
housemade pico de gallo...spicy!
rk ordered the tacos a la parilla (soft tacos) with beef.
it came with:
rice, refried beans and salad
having a corn allergy makes mexican dining somewhat challenging, however the staff were accommodating in bringing me flour-tortillas. i had the vegetarian tacos (tortillas filled with rice, refried beans and grilled veggies. topped with shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, feta and sour cream)

would we go back? maybe, but we would both rather explore one of the many new places around the city.

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