Saturday, 22 September 2012

saturday brunch

it has been a very very long time since the girls and i shared a meal. far too long. 
today, indeterminable amount of time, all six of us were able to make it for brunch. finally. and we only had to book it two months in advance!
from all ends of the city, we ended up at oliver and bonacini at bayview village. the most easily accessible location for all attendees.
our meals did not disappoint.  here is a taste.

MM and I each ordered the Belgian Waffles
fresh-off-the-iron with seasonal berries, topped with creme fraiche and maple syrup

a side of extra crispy bacon never hurt anyone....

MC ordered the O&B Breakfast, complete with:
two free-range eggs (ordered scrambled) three slices of bacon, two sausages, roasted mushrooms,
home-fried potatoes and two cheddar scallion scones

JL ordered the Farm House Ham and Swiss Cheese Omelette
home-fried potatoes, sweet and bitters herbs
DH and JW (new initials for the Mrs!!) shared the Margherita Pizza
San Marzano tomato sauce, bocconcini and basil with added prosciutto

 we were stuffed, not even room for their tempting desserts. 
everything was so delicious.
thank O&B...until next time!

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