Tuesday, 15 November 2011

what a week. so much going on. sometimes it can be difficult to see the beauty. but when you look, you can almost always find it.

i should take a moment to show the kind of fun i get to have at work. teaching primary is amazing. so amazing that i have 73 books checked out on my library card! what can i say? i love to read and i love that the kids love to read! imparting my love of books to my kids is a beautiful part of my job. teaching them to read is life changing.
some overdue books that need to be returned asap...
i really have the best classroom in the school. check out those rays of sun. you can't fake that.

yesterday morning when i got to school, the sky was so wonderfully blue. it amazed me to see the moon in such a clear, beautiful autumn sky. enjoy.

can you spot the moon?

it is my beautiful cousin's wedding this weekend. lots of prep this week, in addition to parent teacher interviews and life's happenings. i hope you are taking a moment to think about what you love, and to find the moon in the sunny blue sky.

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